Monday, November 28, 2011

A touch of my design at our wedding at Disney FL

Since I'm a big fan of Disney, getting married at Disney World was just a dream came true.
It's hard not to put extra Disney in little things through out the whole celebration, and an illustrator gotta do what an illustrator does :) Working hard like always!
I'm really thankful for every single person that made the day possible. Big thanks to Kim Zgonena's Kustom Kreations for adjusting and printing out all my designs.
Chicago Wedding Planner Big City Bride. My awesome mother-in-law, Susan. Our photographer Robin Sloan from Riverbend Studio, and my dearest family and friends that witnessed our big day.

Wedding invitation and the bridal bouquet

Guest's gift bags and custom printed stuff in the bags featuring our wedding logo.

Wedding ceremony program

I also did the dinner menu and placing cards for the reception. The guests would match their name cards with the table cards featuring my favorite Disney couples. Menu and station cards
would just have to be Remy from Ratatouille :)

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