Monday, October 22, 2012

Calendar project for McDonald's


pdavidcreative said...

Hi Christine, I chanced upon your site googling for the 2013 Asian calendar.I like your artistic style. Awesome work!--I had lots of fun doing this project too. Congrats. I still haven't seen the actual hard copy tho :( Hoping IW would send me some copies.---Cheers!

Christine said...

Hi Joseph! I love your cover work too! Really great job! I haven't hard from the IW group either but happen to know some people already had the copies. Hopefully they would send us some soon!

Christina said...

AH! I'm so excited about this! Did IW Group send it to you? I was hoping I can just grab them in stores so I don't have to deal with the dreaded wait of getting it in the mail. (I hope they'll be in stores anyways)